Ammo Galore

Ammunition Galore

Victorian stockists of popular brands of Ammunition, cleaning equipment and an array of sporting firearms accessories

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Price list Effective 14 May 2021

Target Shooting Tools

Target Shooting Tools


Torque Wrench Torque Wrench
Anschutz Adjustable Torque wrench. Adjustable from 4n to 10n
Item 1180/4506-SW4 Price $135.00

Torque Wrench Torque Wrench
Gehmann Adjustable Torque wrench. Adjustable from 4n to 10n
Item 705 Price $115.00

Bore Inspector Bore Inspector
Kleen bore Bore Inspector Lamp. For Easy Bore Inspection of Handgun, Rfiles and Shotguns
Item 026249001387 Price $14.50

Leupold Lens Pen Detail Leupold Lens Pen Detail
Take proper care of your optical lenses using the newest technology in lens cleaning.
Item LE48807 Price $16.50


.177 Gauge .177 Gauge
.177 4.5mm Gauge with magnifier
Item 132 Price $18.00

.177 Plug Gauge .177 Plug Gauge
.177 4.5mm Plug Gauge
Item 134 Price $9.00

Gauge Gauge
Rim Thickness Gauge
Item 138 Price $120.00

Pump Pump
250Bar 4 Stage Hand Pump
Item M100 Price $440.00

Pump Pump
200Bar 3 Stage Hand Pump
Item M220 Price $340.00