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Lapua Ammunition

Lapua Ammunition is a .22 calibre rim fire ammunition that is manufactured in Germany. It is a very accurate target grade ammunition.
SK & Lapua are part of the Nammo group of company's.
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Rifle Ammunition

Center X Center X
Whatever your shooting preference, you will find the right cartridge from our wide selection of .22 rimfire cartridges. These range from the X-ACT simply the worlds most accurate .22 cartridge to bullets especially designed for biathlon sport shooting.
Item LAPCX Price 50 rnds $20.30 500 rnds $192.90 5000 rnds $1,827.00

Midas Plus Midas Plus
Lapua Midas Plus is one of the worlds most accurate .22 LR cartridge.
Item LAPMP Price 50 rnds $31.40 500 rnds $298.30 5000 rnds $2,826.00

X-Act X-Act
Item LAPXACT Price 50 rnds $0.00 500 rnds $0.00 5000 rnds $0.00

Use Ammunition with care. Always wear hearing and eye protection.
Price Subject to change without notice. (No refunds on Ammunition)