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Eley Ammunition

Eley Ammunition is a .22 calibre rim fire ammunition that is manufactured in the United Kingdom. Reputedly the best .22 rimfire ammunition on the market.
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Rifle Ammunition

Eley Sport Eley Sport
A very affordable, good quality general purpose cartridge ELEY Sport (previously branded as Standard and Target) is a good value entry level round. A great quality general purpose cartridge, the most accurate cartridge at this entry level on the market. Use Sport at the first step to precision shooting at ranges up to 50m.
Item ELEY_SPORT Price 50 rnds $ 18.90 500 rnds $ 179.60 5000 rnds $ 1,701.00

Eley Standard Eley Standard
Eley has recommenced the production of Eley Standard in the 50pc box
With a 40gr paraffin waxed round nose bullet, and a 1090ft/s velocity, they are ideal for training when your rifle or pistol prefers the Eley brand.
Item ELEY_STD Price 50 rnds $ 18.90 500 rnds $ 179.60 5000 rnds $ 1,701.00

Eley Club Eley Club
ELEYs Club product is well established in the market and is used in all disciplines up to 50m range. Its a popular cartridge of choice for the club shooter. With great accuracy Club has been a consistent winner in competitions.Club is also a good starting point for any shooters who are getting into shooting the Olympic disciplines of Prone and 3-P.
Item ELEY_CLUB Price 50 rnds $ 19.60 500 rnds $ 186.20 5000 rnds $ 1,764.00

Eley Team Eley Team
This product is back on the market
It fits just below the Eley Match grade ammunition.
Item ELEY_TEAM Price 50 rnds $ 0.00 500 rnds $ 0.00 5000 rnds $ 0.00

Eley Match Eley Match
Eley Match now features many of the attributes of Tenex Ultimate EPS. Ideal for aspiring top class shooters, and training at the highest level. Represents excellent value for money.
Item ELEY_MATCH Price 50 rnds $ 37.20 500 rnds $ 353.40 5000 rnds $ 3,348.00

Eley Tenex Eley Tenex
Only 3800 rounds in stock
Eley Tenex ammunition is reputedly to be the best available. This high quality ammunition has a unique bullet shape it has a flat nose. This ammunition is now batched in velocity ratings, from around 1052ft/s up to 1074ft/s, this allows the shooter to easily match the velocity thats suits their rifle.
Item ELEY_TENEX Price 50 rnds $ 40.70 500 rnds $ 386.70 5000 rnds $ 3,663.00

Pistol Ammunition

Field Ammunition

Eley High Velocity Eley High Velocity
Eley High Velocity Hollow Point .22LR
Item ELHVHP Price 50 rnds $ 16.20 500 rnds $ 153.90 5000 rnds $ 1,458.00

Use Ammunition with care. Always wear hearing and eye protection.
Price Subject to change without notice. (No refunds on Ammunition)